Memo of Support

Write a memo in support of the SWEAT bill and send a message that when low-wage workers are unable to collect the wages they are owed, the minimum wage and overtime laws are rendered useless.

You can use the template below–just insert your organization’s letterhead, share your thoughts on why this bill is important, and mail to:

SWEAT Coalition
PO Box 130293
New York, NY, 10013
or email to:



Memorandum of Support for Secured Wages Earned Against Theft A628/S579 (2017-18)


[ORGANIZATION] writes in strong support of A628/S579, a bill that will help workers collect stolen wages.

[short statement of interest]

Wage theft is rampant in New York but exploitative employers too often hide or transfer their assets to avoid paying wages they have stolen from their employees.  Even when workers win a court awarded judgment, they are unlikely to collect the money owed to them.  A628/S579, Securing Wages Earned Against Theft (“SWEAT”), will update New York law, joining other states which provide workers with legal tools to ensure their employers will pay them once they are awarded a judgment.