Jinming Cao, restaurant worker:

“After we filed the lawsuit, they shut down the restaurant and opened about 2 blocks away, very close to restaurant. 90% of workers went to the new restaurant. About 2 weeks later, they opened the restaurant they shut down with a new name. We believed both the restaurants now were owned by same boss because the restaurant had the same people working there. We found out that one of the cooks still work at the first restaurant.
We also found out that he owned a house in Fresh Meadows. The lawyers told us that the boss had no business and no money. So we went to the house and talked to the tenants and they said that he was still the owner, and that he came every month to collect the rent. But the lawyers told us that he already sold the house.
We got a judgment in court for 1.8 million dollars but we haven’t collected a penny. Its only a piece of paper.”