Get involved!

  1. Join the coalition! We are actively expanding and welcome new groups. Even if you are not a part of an organization, there is a lot of work ahead of us to pass this bill and we
    need your ideas and help.

2. Help spread the word about this very important bill. Ask groups that you are a part of or work with to endorse and join the coalition. You can also invite the coalition to speak to your church, synagogue, community center, tenant group or workplace by getting in touch with us here.

3. Call Cuomo. Reach out and urge him to sign the bill immediately.

4. Participate in our research. If you or someone you know has experienced wage theft, or have not been able to collect money after winning a judgment in court or in the Department of Labor, share your story with us.

5. Donate to help get the SWEAT bill passed. Make checks out to NMASS c/o SWEAT or donate online via PayPal.