from the Justice Will Be Served! Campaign: Rally Against Wage Theft!


Rally, Wednesday, April 5, 5:30pm

In front of Manhattan Valley, 2636 Broadway (& 100th St.)

picket photoWorkers of Indus Valley Restaurant came together to demand their bosses, Phuman and Lakhvir Singh, stop stealing their wages. They worked more than 60 hours per week, paid as little as $3/hour and never paid overtime. They won a court decision of $700,000.

Instead of paying the workers, the Singhs changed the name of the business from Indus Valley to Manhattan Valley and claim to have sold the business. These tactics are used by many unscrupulous employers—Nations Cafe, Mei Shi Lin, Grand Sichuan, to name a few–to ignore court judgments and continue to break the law.

The SWEAT bill (A628/S579) will make it harder for employers to do this and is on the cusp of becoming law. Let’s come together to pass SWEAT and help prevent wage theft! Learn more about the bill

What you can do:

Justice Will Be Served! Campaign c/o NMASS
(212) 358-0295 |

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