Your hard-earned wages can be stolen by your boss.

And they can get away with it. The SWEAT Bill protects your rights. We need your help.

Protect your hard-earned wages

Together, we’re working to get legislation that’ll enable workers to recover the hard-earned pay that exploitative businesses owe them.

The system is broken and it’s up to us to fix it. You can bet that businesses that profit from this aren’t going to fix it for us. We’re doing that by trying to pass the SWEAT Bill.

Let's pass the SWEAT Bill

SWEAT stands for Securing Wages Earned Against Theft.

The SWEAT bill, A486/2844, passed the New York State legislature in June! It will become law if Governor Cuomo signs it by December 31st.

Under existing law, if a worker is owed money by an employer, it’s really hard to collect any money because employers can easily hide their assets. SWEAT will allow workers to freeze the employer’s assets (called a ‘lien’). This lien is important because it means when workers are cheated out of their pay, they will actually be able to get it back.

If we enact the SWEAT Bill, we protect our rights as workers and make it so that we can collect on what’s owed to us.

Supporters of the SWEAT Coalition

SWEAT is a growing group of grassroots organizations, workers centers, legal service providers and advocates fighting to ensure that New York’s workers are able to recover the wages they’re owed by employers. Below are just a few members of the SWEAT Coalition that you may have heard of. With 85 organizations backing us, we are over 10,000 strong.

SWEAT Supporters Speak Out

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Important Developments

Stay tuned for the latest news in our fight to protect your hard-earned wages!

NY Daily News: Workers in NYS are owed up to $1 billion in stolen wages: experts

By Michael Gartland A small army of waiters, deliverymen and busboys who worked at a Mott Street dim sum joint sued their boss earlier this year for cheating them out of wages — and they won. But collecting on the $943,000 that Joy Luck Palace was ordered to pay them in September has been harder […]

Are you a part of an organization, a group or institution? Ask them to sign onto this letter to Governor Cuomo!

The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo Governor of New York State New York State Capitol Building Albany, NY 12247 Re: Sign the SWEAT (Securing Wages Earned Against Theft) Bill (A.486/S.2844) Now!   Dear Governor Cuomo, We, the undersigned organizations, write to urge the signing of the SWEAT bill (A.486/S.2844).  We are unions, worker centers, legal services […]

Urge Governor Cuomo to sign the SWEAT bill now!

Help get the SWEAT bill signed into law. Call Governor Cuomo and let him know you support the bill! Urge him to sign A486/S2844 into law immediately! (518) 474-8390

Let’s Celebrate!

Workers, advocates and the Department of Labor are close to having the necessary tools to fight wage theft, which is costing NYS workers $1 billion each year. We just need Governor Cuomo to sign the bill into law now! Our statewide coalition came together to strengthen our laws so enforcement of labor laws is possible […]