Your hard-earned wages can be stolen by your boss.

And they can get away with it. The SWEAT Bill protects your rights. We need your help.

Let's pass the SWEAT Bill

SWEAT stands for Securing Wages Earned Against Theft.

The SWEAT bill passed the NYS legislature in 2019 but was disappointingly vetoed by Governor Cuomo on January 1st, 2020. The SWEAT bill has been reintroduced as bill number A766/S2762 and we need your support to make sure it’s enacted this year!

Under existing law, if a worker is owed money by an employer, it’s really hard to collect any money because employers can easily hide their assets. SWEAT will allow workers to freeze the employer’s assets (called a ‘lien’). This lien is important because it means when workers are cheated out of their pay, they will actually be able to get it back.

If we enact the SWEAT Bill, we protect our rights as workers and make it so that we can collect on what’s owed to us.

Supporters of the SWEAT Coalition

SWEAT is a growing group of grassroots organizations, workers centers, legal service providers and advocates fighting to ensure that New York’s workers are able to recover the wages they’re owed by employers. Below are just a few members of the SWEAT Coalition that you may have heard of. With 85 organizations backing us, we are over 10,000 strong.

SWEAT Supporters Speak Out

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Important Developments

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TODAY! Social Media Day of Action

The SWEAT bill is at a critical juncture. Opposition is trying to stop the bill from coming to a vote because they know it will pass. The industry group the NYC Hospitality Alliance is saying workers lie about wage theft, and if SWEAT passes, workers will bring even more frivolous lawsuits. Workers are furious that Senate leadership is preventing SWEAT […]

News from SWEAT Press Conference, June 2021

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Open Letter to NYC Hospitality Alliance

The SWEAT (Securing Wages Earned Against Theft) Coalition represents workers, advocates, law-abiding businesses and community members who want our basic wage laws and labor laws to be enforced in our state. Wage theft deprives hundreds of thousands of workers of upwards of $1 billion a year. While employers who do not abide by our wage […]

SWEAT Coalition urges Cuomo to support workers

On April 13th, during a state-wide week of action, the Securing Wages Earned Against Theft (SWEAT) Coalition brought together workers affected by wage theft and supporters for a rally outside of Gov Cuomo’s NY office. The participants explained that wage theft is running rampant in NYS, and that the protections SWEAT can offer are urgently […]